The GREBE Business Supports Catalogue

This GREBE Business Supports Catalogue has been developed following a review of Renewable Energy business support funding mechanisms and funding options available to support the development of renewable businesses in the NPA region.

It provides information on the funding mechanisms currently available in the partner regions (Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway and Scotland). The information will be useful to both funding agencies (e.g. business support agencies and municipalities) and to SMEs giving details of funding options available in their regions.

The main focus is on public body support for renewable businesses but both private sector and social investment options have been included where appropriate. The supports included are for SMEs and Micro businesses but also include options for those SMEs expected to grow rapidly (e.g. High Potential Start Ups). The business support funding mechanisms considered vary from standard ‘hard’ business support options (e.g. loans and venture capital) to softer supports (e.g. innovation schemes, business partner search supports etc.)

A short introduction on the methods and types of supports in each partner region is provided. Information for each partner region is it then organised under the following categories:

  • - Financial Support (grants, loans, equity investment)
  • - Taxation or welfare supports or concessions for businesses
  • - Soft supports e.g. mentoring, training, specialist advice, networks
  • - Research and Development Supports
  • - Social and Community supports (focused on not for profit)
  • - Other- e.g. Incubation space or office space etc.

Within each of these categories there is considerable variation in the ways different funding options are implemented and these differences will impact on the success of schemes. We hope that by using this catalogue those who seeking funding and support for renewable businesses will have a clear portfolio of options which are available to them.

The GREBE Business Supports Catalogue was updated in November 2017 and is available on the GREBE Project website (, and regional catalogues were developed for the each of the six partner regions and are available to download at

The information in this catalogue was used to create the GREBE Funding Tool which is available at  This Funding Option Decision Support Tool has been developed to highlight the most relevant funding options available to renewable energy businesses given their location and the type of funding required. This support tool can be used by both renewable energy businesses seeking funding of various types and potential funders.

A video on the GREBE Funding Support Tool is available here