Specifically within the GREBE project, it has been agreed that as a minimum requirement the partners will provide the Entrepreneur Enabler Scheme (EES) to 45 businesses in

 Fermanagh and Omagh District Council - Northern Ireland – 12
 Western Development Commission – Ireland – 10
 Environmental Research Institute – Scotland – 5
 Karelia University of Applied Sciences – Finland – 3
 Narvik Science Park – Norway – 10
 Innovation Centre Iceland – Iceland – 5

This will be in addition to the Generic Mentoring Support Pack which will outline the approach that should be taken to the process as a ‘Best Practice Model’.

It is anticipated that the Mentoring Support Pack will draw together all other work packages. The format should assist all regions to achieve a high level of response to those businesses that we support within the project and should remain post project as a dynamic tool which continues to be useful within the sector and across the regions.

More about EES in the partner regions can be found here.

Find out more about Mentoring Schemes here.